Mercedes-Benz VITO L3 RWD

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VITO L3 RWD Crew Bus
VehicleMRPFuelGearboxPayloadSeatsCO2Monthly Rental 
£36,320DieselAutomatic8446 £272.79 *Select
£38,084DieselAutomatic8446 £286.83 *Select
£38,360DieselAutomatic8446 £290.93 *Select
£40,160DieselAutomatic8186 £301.69 *Select
£40,124DieselAutomatic8446 £304.99 *Select
£41,924DieselAutomatic8186 £315.86 *Select
£43,724DieselAutomatic8186 £330.19 *Select
VehicleMRPFuelGearboxPayloadSeatsCO2Monthly Rental 
£34,076DieselAutomatic6753 £259.25 *Select
£35,840DieselAutomatic6713 £273.29 *Select
£36,116DieselAutomatic6753 £277.40 *Select
£37,916DieselAutomatic6463 £288.15 *Select
£37,880DieselAutomatic6713 £291.43 *Select
£39,680DieselAutomatic6463 £302.33 *Select
£41,480DieselAutomatic6463 £316.66 *Select

* Business lease rates are per month excluding VAT. CO2 levels measured in g/km, Payload measured in kilograms.
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