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Interested in leasing a new Fiat DUCATO?

Listed below are derivatives of the current Fiat E-DUCATO 35 XLWB range. Use the filters to refine your search, or give us a call and we'll help you find exactly what you need - at the best price. Simple.

There are a total of 36 vans in this model range. 0 vans are currently hidden because they don't match your criteria.

E-DUCATO 35 XLWB Extra High Roof
VehicleMRPFuelGearboxPayloadSeatsCO2Monthly Rental 
£72,164ElectricAutomatic9853 £966.67 *Select
£73,958ElectricAutomatic9853 £994.90 *Select
£74,918ElectricAutomatic9853 £1,005.31 *Select
£75,764ElectricAutomatic9853 £1,012.98 *Select
£76,712ElectricAutomatic9853 £1,034.44 *Select
£76,922ElectricAutomatic9853 £1,041.34 *Select
£78,518ElectricAutomatic9853 £1,053.78 *Select
£79,676ElectricAutomatic9853 £1,082.57 *Select
£80,522ElectricAutomatic9853 £1,088.96 *Select
£83,276ElectricAutomatic9853 £1,131.04 *Select
£87,164ElectricAutomatic6903 £1,196.80 *Select
£89,438ElectricAutomatic6903 £1,223.30 *Select
£89,918ElectricAutomatic6903 £1,236.72 *Select
£92,192ElectricAutomatic6903 £1,263.68 *Select
£91,922ElectricAutomatic6903 £1,272.28 *Select
£94,196ElectricAutomatic6903 £1,298.83 *Select
£94,676ElectricAutomatic6903 £1,314.00 *Select
£96,950ElectricAutomatic6903 £1,340.94 *Select
E-DUCATO 35 XLWB High Volume/High Roof Van
VehicleMRPFuelGearboxPayloadSeatsCO2Monthly Rental 
£71,204ElectricAutomatic10153 £962.78 *Select
£72,998ElectricAutomatic10153 £990.16 *Select
£73,958ElectricAutomatic10153 £1,002.28 *Select
£74,804ElectricAutomatic10153 £1,009.51 *Select
£75,752ElectricAutomatic10153 £1,031.41 *Select
£75,962ElectricAutomatic10153 £1,037.42 *Select
£77,558ElectricAutomatic10153 £1,050.32 *Select
£78,716ElectricAutomatic10153 £1,079.53 *Select
£79,562ElectricAutomatic10153 £1,085.50 *Select
£82,316ElectricAutomatic10153 £1,127.58 *Select
£86,204ElectricAutomatic7203 £1,192.02 *Select
£88,478ElectricAutomatic7203 £1,218.52 *Select
£88,958ElectricAutomatic7203 £1,233.24 *Select
£91,232ElectricAutomatic7203 £1,259.78 *Select
£90,962ElectricAutomatic7203 £1,268.39 *Select
£93,236ElectricAutomatic7203 £1,294.93 *Select
£93,716ElectricAutomatic7203 £1,310.50 *Select
£95,990ElectricAutomatic7203 £1,337.05 *Select

* Business lease rates are per month excluding VAT. CO2 levels measured in g/km, Payload measured in kilograms.
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