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Piaggio PORTER

The Piaggio PORTER Piaggio list price PORTER is listed below.

List price is a value that includes all the costs of the particular Piaggio PORTER you are interested in. These are: basic price, VAT, delivery charge and RFL (Road Fund Licence). We recommend checking the list prices before deciding on a particular car leasing deal.

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VehicleBasic PriceVATDeliveryRFL*Total 
PORTER Van£6,395.00£1,279.00£176£285£8,135 Select
PORTER MPV£7,395.00£1,109.25£173£285£8,962 Select
PORTER Chassis£6,195.00£1,239.00£176£285£7,895 Select
PORTER Pick Up£6,395.00£1,279.00£176£285£8,135 Select
PORTER Big Deck Pick Up£6,595.00£1,319.00£176£285£8,375 Select
PORTER Top Deck Pick Up£6,795.00£1,359.00£176£285£8,615 Select
PORTER 1.5T Extra Top Deck Pick Up£11,055.15£2,211.03£0£285£13,551 Select
PORTER GREEN POWER CNG Chassis£11,428.24£2,285.65£0£285£13,999 Select
PORTER GREEN POWER CNG Extra Chassis£12,160.27£2,432.05£0£285£14,877 Select
PORTER GREEN POWER CNG Top Deck Pick Up£12,103.98£2,420.80£0£285£14,810 Select
PORTER GREEN POWER CNG Extra Top Deck Pick Up£12,847.11£2,569.42£0£285£15,702 Select
PORTER 1.5T Extra Tipper SL£11,741.88£2,348.38£0£285£14,375 Select
PORTER 1.5T Extra Van£10,987.61£2,197.52£0£285£13,470 Select
PORTER 1.5T Extra Window Van£11,685.42£2,337.08£0£285£14,308 Select
PORTER 1.5T Extra Chassis£10,605.74£2,121.15£0£285£13,012 Select
PORTER 1.5T Extra Big Deck Pick Up£10,943.51£2,188.70£0£285£13,417 Select
PORTER 1.5T Top Deck Pick Up£10,379.38£2,075.88£0£285£12,740 Select
PORTER 1.5T Chassis£9,906.48£1,981.30£0£285£12,173 Select
PORTER 1.5T Pick Up£10,030.39£2,006.08£0£285£12,321 Select
PORTER 1.5T Big Deck Pick Up£10,255.55£2,051.11£0£285£12,592 Select
VehicleBasic PriceVATDeliveryRFL*Total 
PORTER 1.5T Tipper£10,988.51£2,197.70£0£285£13,471 Select
PORTER 1.5T Extra Tipper£11,685.59£2,337.12£0£285£14,308 Select
PORTER 1.5T Tipper SL£11,056.07£2,211.21£0£285£13,552 Select
PORTER 1.5T Big Deck Pick Up£9,582.87£1,916.57£0£285£11,784 Select
PORTER 1.5T Big Deck Pick Up LPG£10,728.45£2,145.69£0£285£13,159 Select
PORTER 1.5T Tipper£10,314.82£2,062.96£0£285£12,663 Select
PORTER 1.5T Extra Van£10,313.47£2,062.69£0£285£12,661 Select
PORTER 1.5T Van£10,313.01£2,062.60£0£285£12,661 Select
PORTER 1.5T Window Van£10,988.53£2,197.71£0£285£13,471 Select
PORTER 1.5T Extra Window Van LPG£12,407.81£2,481.56£0£285£15,174 Select
PORTER 1.5T Extra Chassis£9,908.87£1,981.77£0£285£12,176 Select
PORTER 1.5T Extra Chassis LPG£11,246.63£2,249.33£0£285£13,781 Select
PORTER 1.5T Extra Big Deck Pick UP£10,257.93£2,051.59£0£285£12,595 Select
PORTER 1.5T Pick Up£9,346.40£1,869.28£0£285£11,501 Select
PORTER 1.5T Pick Up LPG£10,627.13£2,125.43£0£285£13,038 Select
PORTER 1.5T Top Deck Pick Up LPG£10,919.83£2,183.97£0£285£13,389 Select
PORTER 1.5T Extra Top Deck Pick Up£10,381.03£2,076.21£0£285£12,742 Select
PORTER 1.5T Extra Top Deck Pick Up LPG£11,651.23£2,330.25£0£285£14,266 Select
PORTER 1.5T Extra Tipper£10,989.03£2,197.81£0£285£13,472 Select
PORTER 1.5T Extra Van LPG£11,707.28£2,341.46£0£285£14,334 Select
VehicleBasic PriceVATDeliveryRFL*Total 
PORTER 1.5T Extra Window Van£10,989.03£2,197.81£0£285£13,472 Select
PORTER 1.5T Tipper SL£10,381.78£2,076.36£0£285£12,743 Select
PORTER 1.5T Tipper SL LPG£11,539.34£2,307.87£0£285£14,132 Select
PORTER 1.5T Extra Tipper SL£11,056.58£2,211.32£0£285£13,553 Select
PORTER 1.5T Extra Tipper SL LPG£12,292.90£2,458.58£0£285£15,036 Select
PORTER 1.5T Extra Big Deck Pick UP LPG£11,482.37£2,296.47£0£285£14,064 Select
PORTER 1.5T Top Deck Pick Up£9,695.48£1,939.10£0£285£11,920 Select
PORTER 1.5T Van£9,627.36£1,925.47£0£285£11,838 Select
PORTER 1.5T Van LPG£10,965.20£2,193.04£0£285£13,443 Select
PORTER 1.5T Window Van£10,314.23£2,062.85£0£285£12,662 Select
PORTER 1.5T Window Van LPG£11,651.93£2,330.39£0£285£14,267 Select
PORTER 1.5T Chassis£9,233.87£1,846.77£0£285£11,366 Select
PORTER 1.5T Chassis LPG£10,503.30£2,100.66£0£285£12,889 Select
PORTER ELECTRIC Tipper SL£17,113.37£3,422.67£0£285£20,821 Select
PORTER ELECTRIC Extra Window Van£21,132.48£4,226.50£0£285£25,644 Select
PORTER ELECTRIC Extra Chassis£18,369.06£3,673.81£0£285£22,328 Select
PORTER ELECTRIC Extra Top Deck Pick Up£18,666.84£3,733.37£0£285£22,685 Select
PORTER ELECTRIC Extra Tipper SL£19,297.32£3,859.46£0£285£23,442 Select
PORTER ELECTRIC Extra Van£19,758.92£3,951.78£0£285£23,996 Select
PORTER ELECTRIC Tipper£16,395.00£3,279.00£176£285£20,135 Select
VehicleBasic PriceVATDeliveryRFL*Total 
PORTER ELECTRIC Van£17,569.91£3,513.98£0£285£21,369 Select
PORTER ELECTRIC Window Van£18,943.09£3,788.62£0£285£23,017 Select
PORTER ELECTRIC Chassis£16,189.82£3,237.96£0£285£19,713 Select
PORTER ELECTRIC Pick Up£16,312.78£3,262.56£0£285£19,860 Select
PORTER ELECTRIC Top Deck Pick Up£16,594.23£3,318.85£0£285£20,198 Select
PORTER Chassis 4x4£7,695.00£1,539.00£176£285£9,695 Select
PORTER Pick Up 4x4£7,895.00£1,579.00£176£285£9,935 Select
PORTER Big Deck Pick Up 4x4£8,095.00£1,619.00£176£285£10,175 Select
PORTER Top Deck Pick Up 4x4£8,295.00£1,659.00£176£285£10,415 Select
PORTER ELECTRIC Van£15,395.00£3,079.00£176£285£18,935 Select
PORTER ELECTRIC Pick Up£14,395.00£2,879.00£176£285£17,735 Select
PORTER Tipper 4x4£8,395.00£1,679.00£176£285£10,535 Select
PORTER Tipper SL 4x4£8,595.00£1,719.00£176£285£10,775 Select
PORTER Van 4x4£7,895.00£1,579.00£176£285£9,935 Select
PORTER MPV 4x4£8,895.00£1,334.25£173£285£10,687 Select
PORTER Tipper£6,895.00£1,379.00£176£285£8,735 Select
PORTER Tipper SL£7,095.00£1,419.00£176£285£8,975 Select
Note: * 12 months RFL and registration fee.